Wednesday, 25 March 2015

pebble pocket tablecloth

add corner pockets
to a tablecloth and weigh down with pebbles for hassle-free
al fresco dining...

you will need:

a square or rectangle of fabric
(the size of your cloth when finished)
scraps of fabric to make your pockets
(these could be in a contrasting fabric)
1.5cm wide ribbon
(the circumference of your tablecloth fabric + 15cm)
1m contrasting rikrak
measuring tape
sewing needle, thread & pins
sewing machine
sharp scissor & iron

1 Cut 4 triangle pockets with your extra fabric using the template, one for each corner of your tablecloth. Cut your rickrack into four lengths and stitch one along the long edge of each pocket triangle.

2 Lay your tablecloth fabric right side up in front of you. fold all 4 edges in by 1cm and press with a hot iron. Place a pocket triangle, again right side up on each corner and tucking the two raw edges of each pocket into the fold of the tablecloth edges. Pin or tack them in position.

3 Pin your ribbon around the outside edge of your tablecloth so that it covers the raw edges of the fold. Make careful mitres in the corners and fold and overlap the finishing end to cover the beginning end of the ribbon. pin or tack in position before topstitching a mm or two along each edge of the ribbon.....done!

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