Monday, 23 March 2015

hedgehog pin cushion


A great, quick little make - use up scraps of wool or felt and spare little buttons.

You will need:
two pieces of felt or wool
(each measuring 12cm x 8cm minimum)
sewing needle, thread and pins
sewing machine
sharp scissors

Using the templatecut two pieces of wool or felt.
Lay one on top of the other (right sides together
if your fabrics have a right side) and pin.

Step 1

Sew a 3mm hem all around by machine,
leaving a gap several cm wide along one side for turning out.

Step 2

  Turn out through the opening and stuff with hollow fibre.You can use cotton wool, but this can be a bit dense.Sew up the opening by hand with small stitches and with your thread doubled.

Step 3

Sew on two little buttons for the eyes

and one tiny one for the nose

- it does matter if the buttons don't match -

it'll just add character!

. . . finally, add your glass-headed pins. 

I get slightly carried away with co-ordination and only keep red and orange glass-headed beads in mine!

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