Friday, 25 September 2015

make a punched soft leather & felt purse

... a punched soft leather purse with contrasting felt lining ...

you will need:

soft leather: 32cm x 14cm

contrasting felt: 32cm x 14cm plus 2cm square

3mm hole punch

7mm curved lino cutter
magnetic snap fastener
sharp scissors

pinking shears

masking tape

steel ruler and scalpel (optional)
sewing machine & threads
fabric glue

1 Print out the template and cut it out. Using small strips of masking tape, attach it to the right side of your strip of leather and firstly punch out the dots with a 3mm leather punch, then use two cuts with the lino tool to cut out the petal shapes.
Use sharp scissors or a scalpel and steel ruler to cut the leather around the edge of the template.

step 1

2 Attach the two halves of the magnetic fastener to the leather 8cm from the straight end, and the felt 2cm from one end.

step 2

3 Use fabric glue to cover the back of the magnetic fastener with a 2cm square of felt.

step 3

4 Attach your leather strip, right side down, centred on the felt, with small strips of masking tape. Stitch along the top edge, 2mm from the edge of the leather. Finish the thread ends off using a needle. Trim the felt along the stitched edge with the pinking shears. With sharp scissors, cut the felt flush to the edge of the leather to a point 10.5cm down each side from the stitched edge.
step 4

5 With the leather side down, fold the bottom section up 10.5cm and attach along the pinked edge using strips of masking tape.
step 5

At this point, take care that you have folded accurately so that the front and back of the leather side edges align.

6 Turn your work over and carefully stitch through all four layers from one bottom (folded) corner, up to the point and down the other side, 2mm from the edge of the leather. Finish off the ends by hand with a needle and finally trim all the felt with the pinking shears. 

step 6

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