Saturday, 22 August 2015

vintage silk scarf cushions

nostalgic... vintage... kitsch ...

you will need:
a vintage scarf
backing fabric the same dimensions as the scarf
trim (the length of the circumference of your scarf + 2 cm)
sewing needle, threads and pins
sewing machine
sharp scissors

Iron the headscarf with a cool iron. Cut the backing fabric to the same size as the scarf. Turn a 1cm hem all the way around the scarf and tack.

step 1

2 Tack your chosen trim to all four sides of the back of the scarf.

step 2

3 Decide which is the bottom of your cushion (this may depend on the fabric design) and machine carefully, joining the trim to the scarf close to the edge, within 4cm of either end of the corners. These two hems (front and back) create the opening of your cushion.
Tack a hem on all edges of the backing fabric by 1cm and machine along one edge in the same way.

step 3

Now place the scarf with trim on top of the backing fabric, right sides facing outwards.

step 4

5 Tack through all layers (front, trim and backing) making sure the corners meet neatly and adjusting as necessaryUsing sewing thread which either matches or blends with the edge of the scarf, machine from the front, close to the edge, starting and slightly overlapping the cushion opening hem you have already stitched.

step 5

6 Reverse stitch at the beginning and end of this stitching to reinforce the opening when you put the cushion pad in. Put in the pad and close the opening with slipstitch.

if your scarf is thin
(as the orange one pictured here is)
it is a good idea to back it.

Cut a square of fabric exactly the same size as your scarf and tack them together before starting to make your cushion.

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