Saturday, 25 April 2015

a bookcase-staircase

...personalise your journey
up to bed... 

you will need:
paperback or hardback books 
*(see 'tip' below)
digital camera
mounting card (I used black)
measuring tape
scalpel and steel rule
cutting mat
spray mount
matt varnish and brush or small roller
staple gun (or Gripfix)

Cut your mounting board to the measurement of your stair risers
(the vertical faces of your steps).

Take several photographs of book spines with a digital camera. To get a good, sharp image, use a tripod or rest your camera on or against a solid surface when taking your photographs. You need to use some mathematics here to work out how much you need to enlarge your images by – your local print shop should be able to help you with this. I had my book spines enlarged to within 1cm – 4cm of my risers’ width.

Ask your print shop for A3 or A2 laser prints from your digital photos giving them your required measurements. If you get A3 prints, make sure you ask for an overlap where the two halves of the images meet. A3 prints can be pieced together when mounted on the card by overlapping the two halves and cutting through both layers with the scalpel against a steel rule, then removing the two excess scraps carefully.

Using spray mount, (in a well ventilated space and with care) stick the book spines in ones, twos and threes to your mounting board depending on the books’ thickness. Trim any over-hanging edges of photocopy paper with the scalpel and steel rule.

Give your panels two coats of matt varnish making sure they dry fully in between coats.

Take a bit of time to arrange your mounting board panels up your staircase. When you are happy with the order they’re in, attach them with a staple gun (for a temporary arrangement) or Gripfix (for a more permanent one). Once in position, give them a couple more coats of matt varnish to minimise scuffing.

Play around with your choice of book titles:

The Big Sleep
Quite Ugly One Morning
The Long Goodbye
Farewell my Lovely...

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